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  • The choice of soldering tip
    The choice of soldering iron tip is very important it not only affects the soldering effect and the lofe of the soldering tip, but more importantly, it will play a greater value according to the package form of different chips. The main factors to consider choose soldering tip as below: 1) Select the soldering tip size according to the solder joint size and the solder joint density ; 2) Select the soldering tip shape as per the type of soldering element, the ease of solder joint contact, and the amount of tin required.
  • Thickness of the Plating Layer on the Tip Head
    Soldering tip life is determined by solder joints, and it is also connect with the thickness of the plating ​layer on the tip head.The thicker the plating layer, the longer the tip life. But the thermal conductivity efficiency will be reduced greatly. For the same lead free soldering tip under the same temperature,
  • What is the best thermal conductivity raw material of soldering tip?
    The main raw material for soldering tip is copper. And the best thermal conductivity of copper is red (purple) copper. Copper, as a thermal conductor, is the main component of the soldering iron tip, accounting for about 90% of the soldering tip material. The red copper thermal conductivity is good, which helps the soldering iro tip to heat up quickly. However, in order to get more profit some factory use
  • What parameters should we focus on when buy an automatic tape dispenser?
    For some new hand, if you want to buy an automatic tape dispenser, but sometimes you don't know how to choose the right machine. What parameters should you notice when buy a tape cutter?
  • What Should we do if the soldering tip is oxidized and blackened?
    1. First adjust the temperature to 300 ° C, clean the tip with a cleaning sponge, and check the condition of the tip. 2.If the soldering tip tin plating layer contains black oxide, kindly plate new tin layer, then clean the soldering tip with a cleaning sponge until the Oxide is completely removed,then plate with a new tin layer.
  • Welding temperature control
    The melting pool temperature directly affects the welding quality, the melting pool temperature is high, the molten pool is larger, the fluidity of molten iron is good, and the molten iron is easy to melt.
  • Weld zone
    ​The joint metal and filler metals are melted and then cooled and solidified after a relatively fast cooling rate.
  • welded joint
    Welded joints refer to joints that two or more than two parts must be welded together. Or two or more than two parts welded joints, including weld, fusion zone and heat affected zone.
  • A survey of tin furnace
    In general, tin furnace is a welding tool used in electronic welding. For discrete components PCB welding consistency, easy to operate, fast, high efficiency, is your production and processing of good helpers.
  • Attention to electric screwdriver
    1. before inserting the power supply, the switch should be positioned in the closed state, and the power supply voltage is suitable for the machine to be used. When the electric screwdriver is not used or the power is broken, the plug should be put off.
  • Maintenance of electric screwdriver
    1.It is strictly prohibited to beat Electric Screwdrivers (beware of collision or falling phenomenon, otherwise motor noise and screwdriver phenomenon) will occur.
  • Electric screwdriver according to ergonomics design
    1. Light weight, small size
    2. Safe low voltage power supply
    3. Batch head grounding anti-static
  • Introduction and classification of electric screwdriver
    Electric screwdriver, alias, electric screwdriver, is used for tightening and loosening screws with power tools.
  • The function of the welding table
    Anti static function: mainly prevents the precision chip welding from being electrostatic breakdown.
  • Soldering station
    The welder is a manual tool used in the electronic welding process. By heating the solder (usually the tin wire),