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Maintenance of electric screwdriver
Jul 18, 2018

1.It is strictly prohibited to beat Electric Screwdrivers (beware of collision or falling phenomenon, otherwise motor noise and screwdriver phenomenon) will occur.

2.The connection plug of the electric screwdriver and the matching controller should be pressed with the base of the plug, and the wire should not be pulled hard to avoid damaging the contact plug.

3.When the electric screwdriver is working, it must be stopped when working, so as not to damage the electric screwdriver more deeply, and notify the management to arrange maintenance according to the row.

4.When there is an abnormal problem of the electric screwdriver, it is timely to know that the administrator is sent to the maintenance personnel to repair it. The abnormal phenomenon is that the child does not rotate, the rotation speed of the starting child is not smooth, the head is easy to fall off or has the sloshing phenomenon, and the child will not stop.

5.When the electric screwdriver torque is too small to be used, it should be stopped, and timely inform the management personnel to arrange the electric screwdriver to replace the torque.

6.When pressing the start button, the electric screwdriver can not rotate when the torque is too small. It should be noted that this shape should be controlled within 10 seconds, so as not to damage the motor in the electric screwdriver.