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Circular Small Tin Furnace
Jul 18, 2018

Round tin stoves are generally tin solder pots that are less than 100mm in diameter and used for welding small circuit boards. According to the material of tin pot, it is divided into lead-free and ordinary type.

The lead-free type refers to the tin pot used in tin furnace, which is made of titanium material to meet the needs of lead-free operation, and there are tin plated tin pots on the market. The common type is mostly made of stainless steel.

The small tin stove mostly uses the built-in heating ring to generate heat, the power is 150W~380W, and the temperature control range is at ~450 C. The diameter of tin pot is generally 38mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, and the volume is between 300g~2300g.