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Difference Of Welding Table
Jul 18, 2018

1. efficiency comparison, constant temperature welding platform efficiency is relatively high, thermal efficiency can reach about 80%, electric iron can generally have 50% is good.

2. energy consumption comparison, constant temperature welding platform energy consumption is low, because to the adjusted temperature, it is not in temperature, the corresponding energy consumption is lower, that is to say, the same welding effect, the welding table electricity less;

3. The return temperature of the welder is faster and the work efficiency of the workers is higher.

4. consumables life comparison, the temperature of the welding table is controlled, will not rise indefinitely, therefore, the life of the iron head and the life of the heating core are higher.

5. safety comparison, the voltage of the handle of the soldering table is only 24 volts of the AC, which is a safety voltage.

6. Compared with antistatic, the soldering pad has the function of removing the static electricity, but the electric iron is not commonly available.