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How To Use A Tin Furnace
Jul 18, 2018

In the first use of the machine, open the PID head of the power switch, first set the PID to 250 C heating tube to start heating; at the same time, the tin strip is moved back and forth evenly on the electric heating tube, the tin strip is heated on the heating pipe and melted into the tin trough. The tin content is high about 80% -90% of the tin trough depth, and the tin strip is placed directly. If the heating pipe is too high, the heating pipe will burn up, and the tin strip can be put into tin slot automation tin directly after the heat pipe is covered up. (the tin strip with 63% tin content is recommended, the temperature is set at 220 -250 centigrade, the tin content is 60%, and the temperature is set to 250 -280 centigrade, for reference only).