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Type Of Soldering Station
Jul 18, 2018

Constant temperature welding table

The temperature control range is usually 200 to 480 degrees, and the common models are 936, FX951, FX-888, 942, etc.

Hot air dismantling table

Compared with the constant temperature welding table, there is a hot air gun to facilitate the dismantling process. The control temperature is about 200 to 480 C, the common model is 850850D and so on, and the 850D has temperature digital head, such as HAKKO850, HAKKO850D and so on.

High frequency lead-free soldering platform

Generally using high frequency eddy current heating, using metal heating core, this high frequency welding platform is generally divided into two kinds of switching power supply and transformer, heating and back temperature speed fast, to achieve lead-free welding, the power is generally 90W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 180W, the common model is QUICK203H series, this lead-free.