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Soldering tip production process
Jul 27, 2018

●Straighten: The finished copper normally is roll, it is necessary to stretch straightening, straightening is the beginning of soldering tip production. The straightening need straight, otherwise it will affect on the quality of the product.


●Cut:  Cut into corresponding length according to different product model.


● Head turning: the lathe accuracy determines the tip appearance. In addition to the general standard of the industry, also accepts customized products.


 ●Polishing, remove oil: polishing with vibration polishing machine to remove the burrs of the head.


●Iron plating: This is the key point for soldering tip quality, and all the core technologies of soldering tips are all here. In order to improve the quality, now it is not pure iron plating, all are electroplated ferroalloys.


● Correction: After iron plating the material will be deformed, so we need correc to the required dimensions.


● Polishing: service for electroplating


● Plate tin: pre tin is used to serve the iron head


●Surface plating: generally white chromium plated (silver white), nickel chromium plated (bright color), black chromium plated (shown as black). No matter what appearance is inseparable from chromium, the purpose is to prevent climbing tin.