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  • Automatic Tape Dispenser Delivery
    Automatic Tape Dispenser M1000 is ready now and is going to delivery. Thanks for customer support again.
  • Soldering Cleaning Sponge Delivery
    ​Soldering Clearning Sponge 500pcs is ready and waiting for packing. Thanks for customer support again.
  • 900M-T-3.2D Sample Testing
    900M-T-3.2D sample testing from customer and thanks for customer support. Any sample testing kindly let us know.
  • Solder Sponge Sheet Delivery
    50pcs Solder Sponge Sheet 28*87 cm from customer is ready and waiting for packing. Thanks for customer support again.
  • LTK Soldering Tip Sample Testing Delivery
    Malaysia customer would like to test LTK soldering iron tips sample. Now sample is ready and going to delivery. Thanks for customer support!
  • Sticky Mat Delivery
    50pcs Sticky Mats 26*45" from Malaysia customer are ready and going to delivery. Thanks for customer's order.
  • Heater 1321 and VH 90 delivery
    Heater 1321 is widely used in all 936 soldering station, VH90 is used in high frequency soldering station.
  • How to protect soldering tip?
    It is very important whether it is suitable for the mounting dimensions, the size of the head and the welded object are appropriate, because solder different objects will use different soldering tips.
  • Soldering tip production process
    Soldering tip production process
  • Application Field Of Welding
    There are many sources of energy for modern welding, including gas flame, arc, laser, electron beam, friction and ultrasonic wave.
  • Circular Small Tin Furnace Features
    1. The high quality stainless steel or titanium tin pot has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, no adhesion of tin, less oxidation of tin s
  • Circular Small Tin Furnace
    Round tin stoves are generally tin solder pots that are less than 100mm in diameter and used for welding small circuit boards. According to the material of tin pot, it is divided into lead-free and or
  • What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Use Of A Tin Furnace
    1, the machine must be safely grounded, and confirm that the power supply voltage is correct.
  • How To Use A Tin Furnace
    In the first use of the machine, open the PID head of the power switch, first set the PID to 250 C heating tube to start heating; at the same time, the tin strip is moved back and forth evenly on the
  • Safety Protection Measures For Electric Screwdriver
    (1)Class I tool safety protection: there are grounding devices in the tool, and there are basic insulation in all or most parts of the insulation structure.
  • Methods Of Controlling Temperature
    There are many ways to control the temperature, but the simplest one is the adjustable power control, the solder station through the iron to the workpiece heat transfer quickly to control the temperat
  • Type Of Soldering Station
    Constant temperature welding table
    The temperature control range is usually 200 to 480 degrees, and the common models are 936, FX951, FX-888, 942, etc.
  • Difference Of Welding Table
    1. efficiency comparison, constant temperature welding platform efficiency is relatively high, thermal efficiency can reach about 80%, electric iron can generally have 50% is good.