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Soldering Accessories

    Soldering Heating Element

    Soldering Heating Element VH90 Apply for high frequency soldering station(90W, 120W). Using high frequency eddy current heating principle, heat fast. Specification:

    VH90 Heater

    VH90 Heater 90W DC 24V heating element. VH90 Heater is Pure silver wire. Metal. Rapid Heating. Specificaiton

    Soldering Station Heating Element

    Soldering Station Heating Element VH90 Heating element compatible for quick 203,203H,BK2000A,BK3500 soldering station etc. and other brand. High-frequency eddy current heating technology, heating...

    High Frequency Heating Element

    High Frequency Heating Element For Quick 203,203H high frequency Soldering Station and other brand soldering station with VH90 heating element. Specification:

    1321 Heating Core

    1321 Heating Core Input :24V 1321 heating element Power: 50 Watts power 1321 heating core Temperature adjustment range: 200-480 ℃ Long lifetime,quick temperature rise and Stable Temperatures can...

    1321 Ceramic Heater

    1321 Ceramic Heater 1321 ceramic heater ceramic heating element is very easy when replace. 50W 24V Heating Element 1321 Soldering Iron Ceramic Heater Core 4-wire Adapter for Solder Iron Station....

    HAKKO 936 Heating Element

    HAKKO 936 Heating Element 1.24V 50W Hakko 936 heating element lasts Long life. 2. Quick temperature rise and Stable. 3. Excellent insulating 4. Energy efficient and high efficiency thermal...

    Heating Element For 907 Iron

    Heating Element for 907 iron 24V 50W Ceramic A1321 heating Element for 907 Iron, 900M soldering tip, 936oldering stations. Packing including : 5 x 1321 heater Picture

    A1321 Heating Element

    A1321 Heating Element 24V 50W Ceramic A1321 heating Element Precise temperature control Good insulation performance High thermal efficiency Long lifetime Package included : 5 x 1321 heater For any...

    A1321 Heater

    1321 Heater 24V 50W Ceramic A1321 heater ceramic heating Element for 936 soldering station, HAKKO 936 soldering station and 907 handles. Heating Resistor: 2.5-3 .5 Ω (red line) Sensor Resistor:...

    1321 Ceramic Heating Element

    1321 Ceramic Heating Element 1. Model: 1321 Voltage: 24V Power: 50W Material: Ceramic Heater Compatible solder iron handle: 907, 917, 917A etc.…. 2. Compatible soldering station: HAKKO 936/937 and...

    Lead Free Solderng Wire

    ◇good solder ability both in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity; With the solder wire reel, soldering can be accomplished quickly². Corrosive small
    ◇Easy to...

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