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Automatic Tape Dispenser M1000Tape cutting and dispensing machines can be used in such settings as gift wrapping, shipping boxes, or packing.

Product Description

Tape cutting and dispensing machines can be used in such settings as gift wrapping, shipping boxes, or packing. They can increase productivity and efficiency. This Automatic Tape Cutter and Dispenser is a fully automated machine that dispenses tape at the length and speed you desire. It has a 3-digit LED screen to set the length of the tape that is cut, which can range from 10mm to 999mm (0.4" to 39.33"). The adjustable speed allows you to work at your own pace. This machine works with many types of tape which is easy to install. Directions for this machine are simple; install the tape, set your desired length, and press cut. The machine dispenses the correct length of tape, and then cuts it, and you pull it off.

The automatic tape dispenser machine is a kind of used for cutting tape, protective film, plastic sheet materials of machinery, according to different cutting way, it can be divided into automatic tape cutting machine and manual tape cutting machine. It has the following functions: can cut tape, protective film, such as different materials. Cyclic shear function, and free to set different length cyclic shear, can cut different thickness of the tape. Safety performance is high.

Automatic tape dispenser can be set according to the length of the cut, and cut off the tape straight, parallel to paste on the edge, adhesive tape cutting length, paste the interval can be adjusted freely according to user needs.


◇Type: Automatic tape dispenser

◇Power supply: AC220V 50Hz / AC110 V 60 Hz

◇Power consumption: 18 W

◇Display: 3-digit LED

◇Applicable tape width: 7-50mm (0.28-1.97")

◇Tape length setting range: 20-999mm (0.79-39.33")

◇Applicable tape outer diameter: 180mm (7.09")

◇Packing size: 26X20X18cm(11X8X8inch)

◇N.W.: 2.4kg(5.3lbs)

◇G.W.: 3kg(7lbs)

Automatic Tape Dispenser M1000


◇Do not leave the tape dispenser in direct sunlight.

◇Do not drop the tape dispenser or subject it to heavy shocks.

◇Do not use volatile liquids such as thinner. benzine. etc. to clean the dispenser . But wipe it only with dry cloth.

◇Do not use the tape dispenser in humid or dusty place.

◇Do not insert bars or plates into the tape outlet.

◇Do not insert your finger into the tape outlet.


◇The length of tape can be setting

◇Tape can be automatically outlet and cutting

◇Size indications can be seen from the LED display

◇Suitable for teflon tape, cellophane, Vinyl tape, bilateral tape, etc

◇User defined setting of tape length : 20mm ~ 999mm

◇LED displays tape length in cm / mm

◇Simple settings and operate

◇To operate automatic tape dispenser remove the tape at the length will come out automatically and cut。

◇Size indications can be easily seen by LED displays, and operations are simple, only press the cm key or mm key to set the length

◇When a long tape is needed, keep pressing “FORWARD” key to the desired length

◇The cutter unit cassette type can be removed and replaced easily

Package Content

◇1 X Automatic Tape Dispenser

◇1 X User's Manual

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